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January 1st, 2011

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01:29 pm - Self Injury Cover Up- A New Year to Cover Up My Past
I have scars, about 2 years old, from self injury using a knife. I've done so much work to move on from the damage I've inflicted so many years ago. I still have episodes of depression and mania that bring me down that low, but I've used the fact that if I cut, I know I'll be kicked out of med school, as my motivation. And it's worked. But now, I look back on some of the things I want back in my life. I used to do martial arts- the only 'sport' that I was even remotely passionate about, and helped me get out my emotional turmoil. BUT, unfortunately, they make you roll up your sleeves and my arms are filled with cuts; cuts I don't ever want my fellow classmates to see. True, later in clinical I might have to roll up my sleeves, but I'll wait and see until that moment comes. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to COVER up my scars. Treatments won't work (I've tried everything including laser). My scars are a lighter colour than my skin tone (darker). It's like my skin is a naturally tanned colour, but the scars are whiter. Anyone with any ideas to help me with this, would be very appreciated. It's a new year and I'd love to get back into martial arts instead of realizing that I can't ever do it again.

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