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February 27th, 2006

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10:48 pm - first post.
i've been diagnosed under a year. got on meds then off them just as quickly. i know i need them and am currently waiting to see my doc and get put back on them.

problem is until then and even after i'm gonna have my days. my boyfriend isn't used to the moodswings and fits or me exploding over nothing. and he doesn't know what to do and to an extent i don't think he should have to do anything. but on the other hand i think as my boyfriend he should be there to comfort me and help me and understand. but it seems a fine line and i don't know how much i should shoulder on him and how much i should try to just suck up and hold in.

i mean i'm sure he'd do as much as he could if only he knew what to do. but he doesn't and sometimes i'm too mean and it gets to him. i'm sharp with him or snap and don't mean to, and it really upsets him. he just doesn't know how to deal with me and i don't know how he should deal with me and usually don't even know what i want from him in those situations.

so any advice on what i should do? i hope i was clear enough.

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Date:February 28th, 2006 02:19 pm (UTC)
he does take it personally though because i'm just so mean to him sometimes and i don't mean to be, or i say things to him sometimes that he really shouldn't have to deal with when i know myself at the same exact time that i don't mean at all.

i just feel really bad that he should have to put up with it. i might check that out though. surely there is something online i can find.

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