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January 1st, 2011

01:29 pm - Self Injury Cover Up- A New Year to Cover Up My Past
I have scars, about 2 years old, from self injury using a knife. I've done so much work to move on from the damage I've inflicted so many years ago. I still have episodes of depression and mania that bring me down that low, but I've used the fact that if I cut, I know I'll be kicked out of med school, as my motivation. And it's worked. But now, I look back on some of the things I want back in my life. I used to do martial arts- the only 'sport' that I was even remotely passionate about, and helped me get out my emotional turmoil. BUT, unfortunately, they make you roll up your sleeves and my arms are filled with cuts; cuts I don't ever want my fellow classmates to see. True, later in clinical I might have to roll up my sleeves, but I'll wait and see until that moment comes. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to COVER up my scars. Treatments won't work (I've tried everything including laser). My scars are a lighter colour than my skin tone (darker). It's like my skin is a naturally tanned colour, but the scars are whiter. Anyone with any ideas to help me with this, would be very appreciated. It's a new year and I'd love to get back into martial arts instead of realizing that I can't ever do it again.

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February 20th, 2010

06:13 am - Hello
Hey I was diagnosed with bipolar type II back in November, and at the time the doctor gave me a sample pack of Lamictal and reccommended that I start on that because it´s supposedly really good for the downs of the cycle, which for me are a lot more prominent than the highs. But it took me the past few months to convince myself that I was willing to go on stronger meds, so I didn´t start taking them. I was curious to know if there is anyone on here that has tried Lamictal and when they thought of it. Is it actually good for the depressive cycle of bipolar? What were the side effects you experienced? Thanks for the info.

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March 10th, 2010

10:10 pm - BD + BPD??
So, I don't know what I'm allowed to say or not. I'm in the 20-25 range. Paranoid of people finding out my "true" identity, so I have to sort of put a range on it. I write some pretty intense entries no lie, and I don't recommend anyone who can be or is easily triggered to read them. But if anyone does want to, I would love to share my experiences through them, get support, or just have anyone read and hopefully gain incite into themselves, or me, or anything really. I also, wanted to make a topic concerning BD and BPD. Bipolar and Borderline Personality. Is anyone else diagnosed with both? Is anyone else finding it difficult to see if they actually do have both, or when it's the bipolar issues vs the borderline issues. I've always found it difficult to differentiate. Anyone who also has some coping mechanisms to deal with things, is always appreciated. Knowledge is power and relapse is almost always inevitable, so I'd love to share with people and hopefully learn something.

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March 14th, 2007

11:55 pm - Well........
Well, i figured id mite post here and see what happens...
I have bipolar with servere downers and it makes my life very difficult,
throw in on top of that a smallish case of schizophrenia and then you have a very dark and suicidal individual
ive sought a little help but it was futile really, i cant afford any treatment or anything like that, its also kinda sumthing i dont want people really knowing at all (dunno why im posting here then)
I tried to get sum help from a couple of my friends, but 1 of them died a while ago and the other fails to acknowledge i exist just like anyone else i try to call my friend. It really doesnt help too much. I currently think about ending it all constantly, im so so scared right now.
I guess i only really posted here in the hope sum1 mite talk 2 me and yeh...

Its just a ride, it may be time to end the ride...
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February 25th, 2007

06:58 pm
Hey there,
i wanted to ask if any of you were on FINLEPSIN RETARD (Carbamazepine),did it help you,how were you feeling,any nasty side-effects?

thanks in advance
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Current Music: Nelly Furtado "all good things"

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January 21st, 2007

06:16 pm
i'm bipolar and after 6 weeks of psychotherapy (which was very helpful and my 3rd hospitalization by the way)i'm only taking Spitomin (it's dealing with gad) 2 times a day.isn't it dangerous to not take any mood stabilizers?
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Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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March 11th, 2006

05:02 pm - greetings
Hello all,
I'm Isis.. I suffer from bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and PTSD. I found this community and thought I would join, I have no counselor at the moment (except for the ACT Team counselors, who I rarely see) and am having a hard time coping with everyday life. As usual. But, it seems I shouldn't even be in this state *North Carolina* and moving from house to house (due to family problems and things) is nerve racking. I'm kinda stuck here but, I guess it's for the best although I hate being here and know hardly anyone and the people I do know I don't particularly LIKE... or get along with, sooo... I need someone to talk to, some friends, an outlet I guess and advice on situations from time to time.. like how to get rid of most the people in my life without ending up in the mental hospital because I'm so stressed from being alone, feeling unwanted, "not good enough", things like that.
Thanks for reading ^_^

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February 27th, 2006

10:48 pm - first post.
i've been diagnosed under a year. got on meds then off them just as quickly. i know i need them and am currently waiting to see my doc and get put back on them.

problem is until then and even after i'm gonna have my days. my boyfriend isn't used to the moodswings and fits or me exploding over nothing. and he doesn't know what to do and to an extent i don't think he should have to do anything. but on the other hand i think as my boyfriend he should be there to comfort me and help me and understand. but it seems a fine line and i don't know how much i should shoulder on him and how much i should try to just suck up and hold in.

i mean i'm sure he'd do as much as he could if only he knew what to do. but he doesn't and sometimes i'm too mean and it gets to him. i'm sharp with him or snap and don't mean to, and it really upsets him. he just doesn't know how to deal with me and i don't know how he should deal with me and usually don't even know what i want from him in those situations.

so any advice on what i should do? i hope i was clear enough.

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January 26th, 2006

04:55 pm - Mood Logs / new DBSA group started in NW Georgia!!
I used to post here often...not so much anymore, but a few months back, I took a poll about whether or not anyone here would think it a good idea if I started selling the mood-logs (aka mood chart aka mood journal) I've been making for myself......I got some good replies, and some bad ones...but for the good ones - I decided to go ahead and do it. There were many more people saying it to be a good idea.

Please ignore the banner ads at the top...it's a free-website! :-P
The information is on the site, along with the price...but it includes shipping and handling to anywhere in the US.

Click Here to Visit My Site

In case someone wants to attack me...I'm not doing this to try to get profit for myself, either. I'm paying for my costs, and that's it. Anything that comes up extra afterwards (for when I can buy supplies in bulk) is going to go to help pay for refreshments and handouts for the depression/bipolar group that I'm facilitating. I really want to say that charting your mood is a great idea because it's a great way to learn more about yourself and your illness.

Best wishes, *HUGS&PRAYERS*

If you want to know more about the DBSA (depression/bipolar support alliance) I'm working with, PLEASE contact me!! We're a great group of people (mostly Christians) who are incredibly accepting and welcoming. We're located in Canton, Georgia at a center called Point of Needs. We're a newer chapter so we're not on their website yet - in case you check - but it's a great place, and we'd love to see you there!! We meet on Friday nights at 8pm (but we have dinner at 6p, worship at 7p and a message at 730p beforehand!!) and go until about 9pm.

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